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Montessori children are taught
to love nature.

‘Charlie is the youngest of our three children to enjoy their nursery years at The Children’s House. The Nursery has a calm and happy atmosphere in which the Montessori principles are maintained - this is a gentle and comprehensive start to school life, with an impressive understanding of each individual child’s needs.

They have been encouraged to make their own decisions about their activities, whilst giving them more than adequate tools to start primary school. The teachers are all lovely, very caring and genuinely interested in each child.

The Children’s House was a great success for both of them and they have both made a great start at school, finding themselves more than ready. I would thoroughly recommend this nursery to anyone and am just sad that they can’t stay there for all their school days!’

Lucie about Joe, Sam and Charlie.

The children are encouraged to choose what they would
like to use and then put it back when they have completed the activity.

‘My son is in his last term at Children's House, after attending for two years.   In this time, he has gone from shy to very confident, who loves learning and has unending questions about the world around him.  

Children's House's small and friendly approach has put him in good stead for primary school in the autumn.’

Karen about Jake.

The Montessori materials are visual and tactile.
This is a mathematical exercise in quantity.

‘Our son has thrived at The Children's House and we cannot recommend it highly enough: The calm and organised Montessori environment combined with the exceptional teaching is the best start to education any child could wish for.

They maintain a very personalised approach and nurture each individual beautifully.’

Sally about Daniel.

We are next to a lovely playground
and a pretty wood.

I visited several nurseries when I was deciding where to place my son. What impressed me most about The Children's House was the calm, quiet and purposeful atmosphere.  I was a bit apprehensive about leaving my son for the first  time, but the staff were very reassuring.

My son loves every minute of his time spent at The Children's House - I sometimes  think that he would move in there if he could!  He has great relationships with all  of the staff there and I feel that they have got to know him really well.  I am kept very  well informed about his progress at the school, and the staff are  always happy to talk about any questions or issues I have.”

I am delighted with the provision made for my son at The Children's House, and recommend it unreservedly.’

Joanna - Owain.

Children choose when
they would like to have their snack.

I took an initial interest in The Children's House nursery because a friend had sent her child to the nursery and through her and another acquaintance I'd heard nothing but praise. Still regarding my own 2yr old son, I was nervous about how he'd adapt to a nursery setting as he had only ever been looked after in our own home or at his grandma's.

The Children's House teachers are so loving and child-centered in their approach to working with the children that I really needn't have worried. My son has adjusted beautifully and loves going to 'school'!’

Maya about Jasper.

Activities are visual,
tactile and made of natural products.

‘My husband and I knew we wanted to send our daughter to a Montessori school, so we visited a few in the Oxford area. After seeing a few we were recommended The Children's House and after visiting the school we knew that was the one.

The small class sizes, meant the children were getting a great amount of attention from the staff,who were also amazingly friendly and welcoming. Our daughter is progressing extremely well having only been there since april.

Its definitely the start we wanted for our daughter in terms of schooling, shame they stop before primary school level.’

Carly about Tallulah.

Montessori nursery children are encouraged to make decisions for themselves.
This child has chosen to do the daily art activity.

‘Both our children have been to the Children's House and have absolutely loved their time there.

We feel completely confident in saying the lovely team at the nursery ensure children are nurtured in a calm, stimulating, bright environment - with brilliant resources, creative tasks and lots of fun.’

Lucy about Ruby and Mason.

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